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SeniorTech LLC
5015 Washburn Road
Duluth Minnesota 55804

Computers Monitored, Managed, Repairs or Web Development
Sales & Support +1 (218) 461-0164
Sales: office@myseniortech.net
TechSupport: help@myseniortech.net

Full Service Web Hosting Packages 24/7 Web Hosting
Sales & Support  +1 (480) 624-2500

About us

At SeniorTech we provide computer Technical Assistance & Support. We’ll help you understand and experience the power of technology through implementation, computer service, training, management and support for both your home and business. Innovators of the The Concierge Technology™ Advantage.

Proper monitoring and updates make sure you’re always running the latest versions which reduces vulnerabilities, therefore you stay safe from hackers. Our experts will even performance tune your systems wherever they may be to keep them running at their best. Let SeniorTech watch your back.


URGENT WARNING, An International Incident, WanCrypt0r outbreak

  URGENT WARNING, An International Incident Within 12 hours, 81,000 infections were reported globally of the WanCrypt0r outbreak. The NHS services of England and Scotland reported 16...