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-solves technology problems daily.

Don’t hesitate to call when something isn’t working as it should. Although we prefer to prevent problems before they occur, and things sometimes simply break, a typical day for a SeniorTech field tech is investigating technology emergencies and cyber security threats wherever they occur. Call 218-461-0164 and make an appointment today.

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Four layers of malware-crushing technology. Protection for your PC.

1 Year Subscription for PC
Malwarebytes 3 Premium $25.99 USD +taxDownload and software key delivered to your inbox within 12 hours.You get all in one Anti-malware, Anti-ransomware, Anti-exploit, Malicious website protection in one malware-crushing product.

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Six Benefits of Monitored & Managed Computers

Help our clients identify & eliminate IT problems Fix problems before you notice Diagnose the cause of problems quickly Detect warnings & prevent downtime Receive alerts...